Sunday, January 18, 2015

My 2015 wish list

     Well, here we are, half a month gone in the new year and I am finally getting around to listing my "New Year Resolutions".  Guess I needed a little time to think them through.  Actually, I really hate to fail so the act of putting a list in writing is a new and scary thing for me.
     The first on my list, to be more physically active.  I have let myself become sedentary and that is not good for my health.  I purchases a Garmin Vivofit and I hope that will give me a push to walk and work out.  I also paid for another year at LA Fitness so I need to get my money's worth!!!
     Second on my list, to do more of the things I used to really enjoy.  Things like painting, playing piano and singing as well as crocheting and knitting and even wood carving when the weather will let me outside so the dust won't fill the house.  These things I used to take pride in and I let them slip.  I already have projects in mind.  I will be sure to post photos as the crafty projects are done.  Jim got me a Dremmel for power wood carving so that will be a lot of fun to try.
     Third, I will work harder on getting the word out about life with HIV and AIDS.  I will send emails, speak to people and do all I can to make sure that as many people as possible hear my story and my message on HIV Prevention.  As far as I am concerned, not enough is being done to prevent the unnecessary spread of the terrible and life changing disease.  I would really love to hear that everyone who hears my story will never become infected and that the end of HIV is in sight. 
     The fourth and last thing on my list, I will ask for help when I need it.  I will be honest and open when I need assistance in any form.  I have been keeping my pain and my suffering inside and I tend not to ask for help when help is exactly what I need.  And the first thing I need help with is keeping all of my resolutions.  I know Jim will help and will push until he sees results but he can't be the only person. 
     So, will you help me with my list?  Will you walk with me on my journey this year?  Would you PLEASE help me get out there to speak at schools, churches, community organizations and any other places where an HIV prevention message is needed?  Oh, and if you know how to knit, I could use a patient teacher.....    Thank you!


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