Back in Minneapolis (the Real World)

Jim and I got back home this afternoon from a wonderful trip to our friend's place near Ely, MN.  They own a sweet cabin on a big lake north of town.  We went up Saturday to celebrate our 28th / 8th anniversary and our friend's birthday.  What a fabulous trip to visit our close friends, S & N!
This trip got me thinking.  What if I was not able to do any traveling?  What if I had to stay home because of the damage AIDS has done to my body? 
Often travel for me can be a huge challenge because of the many medical issues I face day to day.  I have to either medicate or be close to restrooms at all times because of bowel troubles.  Pain can cause me to have to take more medications or lay low.  I need to rest often because of chronic fatigue.  There are so many issues I have to worry about and so many things I have to make sure I remember to pack.  Is travel worth all I have to put up with?
My answer in one word, YES!  I love seeing the country and the world with Jim.  I so enjoy visiting friends and family in their favorite places.  I can not go through life without experiencing other cultures and traditions.  And, I absolutely LOVE to try new foods, see new things, meet new friends and experience the world first hand.  Without travel, what an awful life I think I would have.
Still, I realize that there may come a day when I will have to stay put.  I just hope that Jim will be at my side and that I will live in a place that my friends and family will want to come and visit me. 
On this trip to Ely I made friends with a chipmunk.  By the end of the visit I was feeding him from my hand and he was climbing on my lap and checking me out.  I also fed chickadees and nut hatches from my hand. 
These are just some examples of the experiences that make travel worth the trouble for me.  Plus, I get to share these experiences with people I love!  Thank you Jim and our friends in Ely, S & N!!  Love you all!!! 


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