A little about me...

I was born and raised in Rochester, MN.  In 1986 I met the love of my life, Jim, and we moved to Minneapolis to start our new life together.  Also in 1986, before I met Jim, I was infected with HIV.  The problem was, I didn't know it until 2002 when I was rushed to the hospital near death.  There I was diagnosed with Pneumocystis Pneumonia and AIDS.
I have worked in a nursing home, hospital, clinic and then for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, first with the MinnesotaCare Program and then with the HIV/AIDS Division.  Unfortunately, my health forced me to have to leave my job and retire in 2007.  Now I spend my energy and time trying to educate high school and college students and their parents about my life with AIDS and HIV prevention. 
So, this blog will be about my fights, the fight to live with AIDS, the fight to educate people about life with HIV and AIDS, the fight to end HIV and the fight to end the stigma and shame related to life with HIV and AIDS.
Please follow along my journey, share with your friends and family and please feel free to ask questions and share your suggestions.  Thank you!!!


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